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    Re-render every time I re-open a project.




      Every time I open the project I'm working on I have to re-render it.  As it is a half hour video, with lots of graphics that takes a long time.  I am on Premier Elements 11, I have a new Toashiba Satelite  (64 bit) Windows 8.  I'm not a computer person per se, but I can generally get programs up and running with little or no trouble.  I'm using Photoshop Elements 11 in conjunction and have not had problems with that.


      Additionally, my PE11 keeps crashing (Error message: This app has stopped working Search on line for solution or close program -- and it seems to choose close prorgame even if I don't touch the keyboard)  It has crashed approximately 5 times over the last 3 or 4 days, although I've been working on this project for a few weeks with little or no crashing.  It crashed this evening and I lost most of the work I did today, which had been saved and rendered multiple times.


      I've been doing Classroom in a Book, and have not found that I had to re-reneder those projects when I opened it.   When I open the project, as Classroom in a Book suggests, I do Windows>Restore Project, but that doesn't help.


      Does anyone know a fix or what I am doing wrong?  I fear I will have to start all over again. 


      I've not been able to find any solution in the FAQ.  Is there a patch I can download?