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    Exporting, different frame rates, audio out of sync


      I have a project with source video that has two different frame rates.


      According to GSpot:


      1)  29.970 720x480 (avi, dvsd), 48000Hz 1536 kb/s PCM audio

      2)  23.976 1920x1080 (avc1, H.264) 48000Hz sowt: 16-bit signed little-endian


      When I export the sequence as a MOV or MP4, the audio is out of sync on the 29.970 clips, but OK on the 23.976 footage.  Sequence settings are set according to the 29.970 clip. The AVI export seems in sync, but I can't send a 2GB preview to client.


      What can I do to export this to a preview file (mov or avi)? Intended final destination is a projector in a conference room.