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    Text Frame Auto-size and Data Merge

    InDesign for RF

      I have the sneaky suspicion that this isn't something that has been fixed in ID yet. I have been struggling with this ever since CS4.


      The document I'm designing is a directory much like the old church directories from 20 years ago. I'm Using Data Merge to pull data from a csv into a single text frame like so:


      <<Surname>>, <<HusbandWife>>








      The Children field varies from no lines to 4 or so lines, so I have auto-size enabled for the frame. The idea from there is to use Data Merge to fill the pages in column format. I have used TypeFi Auto-fit in the past and then Distribute Spacing from the Align Panel on each column, because Data Merge didn't figure the height of the text frame after TypeFi Auto-fit was done. Preview works great for a single record. However, when previewing a whole page or creating with Data Merge, everything is all mis-aligned. I figured that CS6 had fixed this problem by moving TypeFi Auto-fit into ID, but I can't find anything to date. Is there a way to make Data Merge align frames AFTER auto-size has done its work?


      Thanks in advance,

      Robert F