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    Photoshop as a Paint app?

    wkjeiwoi Level 1

      I recently became aware that some (many?) use PS as their paint app..even ones who'd used Painter, ArtRage, etc. The paintings I've seen created in Photoshop are breathtaking, truly.


      My question: can anyone who's made this transition, or who always painted in Photoshop speak to any things I might need to be aware of in using PS for Paint?


      I've done my share of retouching and photo manipulation in Photoshop, never to "Paint." My computer paint experience has been with Painter and ArtRage, and a couple of open source paint apps.


      Thank you for any thoughts!



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          Curt Y Level 7

          If you google corel painter vs photoshop you will get an idea of the variety of opinions.  Probably really depends on exactly what type of painting you would like to do.  If thinking of Photoshop be sure to take the free 30 day trial before buying.  If you have never worked with PS before there is quite a learning curve and probably even more if you add in the paint techniques.

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            wkjeiwoi Level 1

            thank you, Curt.


            As I mentioned, I am experienced with Photoshop for retouching and creative..."surgery" to photos and other images.


            I'd like to gather comments from those who have used Photoshop as a paint tool, especially if they've used the others, such as Painter..