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    Run different applications in Creative Suites on two computers at the same time.

    John Ratard Level 1

      The following question was asked in the Installation Forum.  I received two pieces of advice.  One directed me to the licence section where I found a maze of information that clouded anything I was looking for.  The other recommended I try here.


      I have a backlog of mini DV tapes from my vacations during 10 years.  Reason for the backlog is because slow computers have made personal production up to DVD creation painfully slow.  I recently upgraded to i7 4-core with single HDs and about to buy a custom built i7 6-core with SSD and RAID HDs.  I understand I can install Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium on two computers.  One installation is already on the 4-coreI.   I intend to install the second installation on the 6-core.  I would like to use the 6-core for production while the 4-core is capturing the DV tapes.  Both computers will be using Windows 7.


      If I had bought one copy of separate applications and installed alternating ones on 2 computers, I would be able to run the different applications on the two computers at the same time.  As I see it, a Creative Suite is made up of different applications.  Is there a way I can run two computers at the same time with Creative Suites to speed up personal production e.g. can I run separate applications from Creative Suites, as I would using separate programs, on two computers at the same time as long as these applications are not the same?  In my case, I would be capturing DVD tapes for separate projects.