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    Color Calibration in Fireworks CS6


      hey everyone...

      i recently upgraded my mac and i'm running into an issue i can't explain or resolve:


      if i open an image file in firworks CS6, it dramatically distorts the color (darker), saturation levels, etc. Opening the same file in the preview app or Photoshop CS6 does not.


      here is a comparison photo of the same file in both fireworks and photoshop:




      any one have any thoughts?


      thanks in advance!    

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          mr_xian Level 1

          interestingly enough, if i Save As... the png file(s) in photoshop as PSDs and then open them in Fireworks with the embedded color profile, everything looks as it should. hardly ideal since it's about 4 extra (long), steps.


          when i attempt to Save As...in photoshop to embed the color profile in a new PNG it's not an option...

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            groove25 Level 4

            Fireworks is not color managed, meaning that it ignores ICC profiles attached to an image file. However, that is a pretty substantial difference, and I'm a bit surprised that the saturation is increasing in Fireworks, not Photoshop. Is there a profile attached to the image? (You can check this in Preview using ⌘I.)


            (NOTE: This is in response to your initial post; apparently, we cross-replied within a minute of each other.)

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              mr_xian Level 1

              it doesn't appear that a profile is attached.

              we've been using fireworks since it was a part of macromedia...so, this behavior is new to us and a particular concern.


              we're being forced to jog all over the place just to make sure that our images are color acurate as we work on them for the web. VERY frustrating...


              and, as i mentioned, we've been using CS6 for months now...it wasn't until we upgraded to a newer mac that we noticed the difference in file interpretation. odd...

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                groove25 Level 4

                A file saved or exported from Fireworks won't have an attached ICC profile, so be sure that you're checking your source file for the color profile, not an exported one.


                If the source file contains no color profile, then Photoshop will make assumptions about its color space, which you can view or set using Edit > Color Settings. Since Fireworks is not color managed, it likely makes different assumptions about the color space. In previous OS's, the assumption for an untagged image was the user's display profile. Something seems to have changed in Mountain Lion, where the assumption for an untagged image is now sRGB IEC61966-2.1. I don't know how this assumption interacts with Fireworks, but it could be the case that the application is somehow no longer in sync with the OS on this issue. There have been problems reported with the eyedropper within FW's color picker on Mountain Lion; perhaps this is related.




                I'm not sure what to suggest, as I'm using OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and don't have firsthand experience with this issue.

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                  mr_xian Level 1

                  thanks for your continued commentary groove25.

                  we're still scratching our heads.


                  our source files don't appear to contain any specific color profiles, and every time we try to "sync our color profiles" using bridge, the app crashes. another issue to drive me crazy.


                  i'm not sure what to think about the mountain lion connection, as previously mentioned, we'd been running CS6 and mountain lion without issue for months before this started happening. perhaps corruption came thru during an update...? who knows.


                  our color picker doesn't seem to be a problem.


                  as of now, we are opening bitmap PNG files in photoshop, save as a PSD with a color profile, then opening the file in fireworks and re-saving as a fireworks png.


                  it's amazingly annoying, but it seems to be our only option for color preservation.

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                    In the same situation.  Long time user of Fireworks CS6 and this color picking thing is driving me nuts.  if there's one basic thing this program SHOULD do well, it's select colors appropriately.  I can use my color picker tool on any color, and once selected, it is visibly off.  Usually more yellow than it should be.