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    woeful state of font management on windows

    getho Level 2

      anyone out there who has font managment software that

      autoactivates in indesign at least

      doesn't make your system slow or unstable even with 5000 fonts.

      doesn't slow down opening of documents


      I've now tried font agent pro (no auto activation in cs6), really crap support, auto activation made photoshop cs5 unstable, failed to activate type 1 fonts in x64 adobe software, clunky

      Type DNA manager (no official support for windows 8, no autoactivation, slow, no support?)

      Extensis suitcase fusion 4 (delays photoshop docs opening by 25 seconds, delays photoshop opening by 15 seconds, clashes with other software, buggy, crap support).


      I'm just about to try maintype, but notice on their support forum issues that havn't been answered for over a month. 


      Really this is pathetic