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    Adobe Presenter 8




      I have installed Adobe Presenter 8 in my clients computer. It was working fine till last week. And all of a sudden it stopped working and it came up with error message as attached.

      I tried to uninstall and re-intsall the aplication and tried different profile and used different audio sources but still no luck. I have installed Adobe Presenter in several compuetrs and most of them are working fine. This particular problem is on Windows XP - 32 bit. There are other Windows XP - 32 bit machines but it works fine on them. Ihe error message pops up as soon as you hit record button.


      Furthermore, if you click open project and choose any random project and then close it and select the input sources from settings (wheel icon on top right) it records but after you stop the recording there is no audio and vido.

      Any information is appreciated.


      Many thanks.

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          Hi Suraj,


          This is a general checklist that should be followed before using Video Creator.

          • Are your video card driver is up to date? Please check whether you have the latest driver from the manufacturer’s site.  
          • Are all unnecessary applications closed?
          • Do you have sufficient free space on your hard disk? At least 5 GB is needed, but around 15 GB is recommended.
          • Are your webcam drivers up to date? It is recommended to install the webcam driver from the webcam cd or the webcam company’s site.
          • Are you capturing your video in a well-lit environment? Most webcams perform poorly in bad lighting.



          Majority of the issues are caused due to old video card driver, please download and install it from manufacturer site. Clicking on update driver at the graphics driver window will not work.  If you have Intel video card please go through this link and check the latest driver for your specific laptop/desktop ->  www.intel.com/support/oems.htm , and click on the software link corresponding to your computer manufacturer. After that select your system identification name and ID, then follow the instructions to download and install the latest video card driver for your system.




          Presenter Engg. Team

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            surajthapa Level 1

            Hi Vikram,


            The user sometime works from home. So I couldnot get time to follow up on time. I did all you have said but still comes up with same error message.

            It's now affecting other users as well.


            I look forward to hearing from you.

            Thanking you.




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              Vikram@Adobe Level 1


              Can you send me/attach the screenshot of display tab following below steps:-

              Press (windows key + R) > type dxdiag and hit enter > take the screenshot of the Display tab of the window.



              It's possible that your system manufacturer is not providing or supporting the recent updated video card driver, in that case you have to get in touch with your system manufacturer's customer care.





              Adobe Presenter Engg. Team