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    animated graphics for premier 11


      Where do I find and how do I download the animated graphics that aren't included on the install disk? My graphics machine isn't on the internet so the automatic feature doesn't work.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm not aware of any animated graphics that come with PP.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            Are you talking about Premiere Elements?  This is the Premiere Pro forum.  I'll move the discussion to the right forum if that's the case.



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              mooveemon Level 1

              Yes I am, sorry, it's my first day here and I got lost I guess!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I am unaware of any animated graphics in PrE either, though one can do all sorts of animations with the Fixed Effects>Motion>Scale and Motion>Position.


                Can you give us an example of what you are looking for?


                Good luck,



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                  mooveemon Level 1

                  At the bottom right of the expert mode screen is a tab to select 'graphics'. There are 2 choices for animated graphics, a normal one and an HD one. The icons for the selections have a blue bar on them that signifies you don't have it on the computer, you must download it. I have premier elements 9 and 10 as well on other computers, and they have the graphics included. They are in their own  sub-directories in the program files. They came on the disk, these subdirectories don't exist in 11 unless you are on the net I guess but my graphics machines are free of virus scanners and firewalls and crap and are NOT on the net!  Yesterday I copied the directories from 10 into 11 and I guess I got the animations but I still have all of the other animations still marked in blue. I tried one and it seemed to work so maybe I'll be OK except for a ton of clutter of non-working icons! 


                  There is an example video on you tube where I learned of them.




                  This should explain it!

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    As I show you in my book, any feature in Premiere Elements 11 that has a blue banner over the upper right corner will download automatically to your computer when you select it.


                    In other words, you must be connected to the internet the first time you use any of these features.

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                      nealeh Level 5

                      Tucked away as the last line of the system requirements is:

                      Internet connection required for Internet-based services*

                      Templates, SmartSound and graphics all count as an Internet based service


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                        mooveemon Level 1

                        Yes, I never found anything, so I reluctantly connected my machine into the net... what a disaster! It of course needed to install 96 upgrades (for a less than 1 year old machine!) which took a few hours I think...


                        I had to install McCaaffee of course for protection...


                        Spent a few hours on the phone to India to chat with Dell...


                        Finally got to run Elements and I selected "download all" to be done with it....   4.5 Gigabytes later, now I'm too tired to bother with a video! (That blew 4 days of download quota.)


                        Funny, I started this project LAST Sunday!


                        Oh well, at least I have it.