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    Why do I get a red og green image in my video?


      From time to time I get a completely red or green image in my video.

      I imported AVCHD video from a Panasonic camera and made a video with a timecode for a preview.

      I could see the video in Premiere without any problems but as soon as I tried exporting it using both the Premiere exporter and Media Encoder a solid red screen popped up instead of the video.

      Then when making a new sequence the same thing happened again. I saw a few frames of video, then the red screen, then the video. When exporting this sequence the red screen appeared again and stayed there.


      This has happened on two seperate occassions. I tried opening the project on two seperate computers (both 27" iMacs, 3,4 Ghz i7 Intel Core, with 8 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 and both with CS6) but with the same result.

      I even tried different export-settings.


      Is it something to do with the settings in the camera? (Panasonic AG-AC160)

      Or is there an alternative way of importing the raw footage that would somehow help?


      I googled a bit before turning to the Adobe forums, and it appears to be an old problem popping up somewhere in the CS4 and reoccurring from time to time but without any explanation to why or how to deal with it.