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    Best way to make a rollover menu?

    bombast Level 1
      Rollover menu in Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0

      This is my first project in Flash and I am having trouble with this. Does it make sense to have a button that plays a movie clip of the menu which contains buttons? Or should the button be a rollover and in the over stage the menu pops up and there are buttons in there?

      Finally, if I have a button that plays a movie clip with buttons that need to gotoandplay a specific frame, should the script for those buttons be in the menu movie clip or in the main timeline?

      I hope this makes sense, please let me know if I can clarify!

      I appreciate any help...Thanks
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          no, that doesn't make sense. but what you mean by a rollover menu is probably clear.

          don't use the button timeline to do anything, especially not create a menu that's revealed on rollover of the button because the menu will disappear when you rollover the menu (and out of the button) or you won't be able to access your movieclip with actionscript (if the movieclip is part of the button's rollover state.

          so, use a movieclip button.