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    Opening Specific File causes Flash to Crash


      Hello! I am a college freshman working on an animation project in Adobe Flash Cs6. I have run into a problem where I cannot access one specific file-the one I'm working on. I am able to open Flash and any other project file that I want, just not this one. Upon opening it (no matter how I do it or on any computer), it will instantly crash the program without warning.


      I had been running into some problems where a few days ago, every time I tried to save/it autosaved, an error message would pop up saying that it could not save the file type, and to rename the file, or change its location. Even if I did those things, it would still come up with this message. However, the file was still saving so I figured it was some weird glitch.


      But now I'm very sad because the animation I had been working on for the past two weeks is now all gone and due Tuesday.


      Is there any way to get it back in its entirety? Thank you so much!




      My specs: Flash CS6, Windows OS XP

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          your file is corrupted.


          i know this is too late but, you should start developing the habit of saving your work using different file names so this never happens to you again.  most of us that have been programming for a while (whether using flash or html5 or php or whatever) develop a naming pattern that suits ourselves.  i use naming like game_01.fla, game_02.fla etc.  so, if game_32.fla gets corrupted and i can't open it, i can open game_31.fla and i lose less than an hour's work.


          anyway, at this point, rename your xxx.fla file to xxx.zip.  then unzip that file into a new folder.  you can recover most of your assets and add them to a new uncorrupted fla.


          if your zip file is corrupted, try to repair it. there are zip repair utilities available.

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            AnimationLife123 Level 1

            Thank you so much! I really, really, SUPER appreciate it. I do have a few questions though, because I am not computer savvy and this is mind boggling to me. How would I go about renaming it if I cannot open it? I tried just renaming it on the icon, but it's still an fla file, it just has zip added onto that. I'm also unsure as to what "unzip" means. I tried googling it but that wasn't super helpful. Is that just extracting it?


            Thank you again for the advice you've given, and any extra help would be super appreciated as well.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              right click on your file and then click rename.  change the file extension to zip.


              a zipped file is a compressed file.  flash pro creates a zipped file that it names xxx.fla.


              but you can rename it so it has a zip extension and you can use an unzip utility to extract the fla (now zip) file's contents.

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