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    Error when opening project


      Hi, i recently tried opening an After Effects project on a different computer when i was presented with an error message saying that certain files were missing and thus my video doesn't display properly. The project is for college and the main image i used for the video was from an SD card which i may not be able to get back before the project is due. So is there any way to fix this without the original SD card. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of AE was used to create the project? Did you collect the source files when you saved the project? After Effects references files in the project, it does not include them so they must be included in the copied files. Did you copy your source files? If you did copy them then the path may not be the same so you could be able to find them in the copied files.


          Do you have access to the original computer used to create the project. If you don't know how to save an AE project and include the files required for the project then you are completely out of luck unless you can get a copy of the original files.

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            jamessgetc94 Level 1

            It was CS6. I was in a hurry and have almost no idea what im doing on After Effects so i just went for the generic save option straight to my pendrive although there does seem to be more video files than i was actually using. Thanks for the help & apologies for being a bit thick. I'm just trying to figure out whether my college will be open on a weekend or if they could send me the file.

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              If you highlight a missing file and drag the project window wide, you can see the file path.  You may have inadvertantly left the missing files on the other machine.

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                jamessgetc94 Level 1

                Yeah looks like thats what iv'e done