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    Create animation from some layers..how ?

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      Pshop CS2

      I can see make frames from layers, but with a many layered psd file of which I only have 5 frames I want to see how they animate, how do I tell the animate palette to make frames from just the selected layers ?

      Surely this has to be an option, there are always going to be layers during an artwork build that are options or earlier efforts etc that you may wish to revisit, to have the entire lot dumped into animate is a pain. Its not obviuos which they are when in there, layer names dont appear.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You don't you make them yourself. In the animation palette there is a add frame icon button you can drag frames to it or just click on it. Then look at the layers palette and turn on the layers you  want visible for that frame.

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            I have just tried a test, created new file, 5 layers, labelled them 0, 1 2  3 4, turned off 0 2 and 4 and went to animation palette, create frames from layers and ended up with all 5 in there.

            How do I get just specific layers into the animation and not all.

            What you mean is, the 'create frames from layers option' from the triangle on white disc icon will dump all layers in each as a separate frame.

            To get specific layers in, it has to be done one layer at a time, choose new frame then turn on just the layer you want for that frame, selectt new frame again and turn off all but the next layer you want in, and so on, then delete any frames not wanted like the first which picks up on whatever was turned on when animation palette was opened.


            For a many layered file its time consuming but thats how it is. An option to make frames from visible layers would be useful !