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    Is there a way to run a script to remove a digital signature and unlock the fields it locked?

    Miss Caroline

      I'm creating a sectioned checklist (In LiveCycle Designer ES2 on a Windows 7 OS) covering a process with four sections to be completed/signed by different individuals. The final section is for a separate party that, if he/she approves the completed work, he/she signs the form and locks it down completely, however, if one particular item is wrong, he/she must return the form to the signer of Section 3.


      I've worked with not locking the fields in Section 3 when Signer #3 signs the form and using visible and invisible signature forms (If Signer #4 selects a particular option, I reset the related fields in Section 3, hide the original signature, and show a new, empty signature field), however, if the form has to be returned numerous times, this is not a viable option.


      I could include instructions for my end users to remove their own signatures, but some may not be very computer-literate, and this could be difficult. Is there a script I could either connect to a button or some way to reset just one section of the form? Or does anyone have a better idea?


      Many thanks in advance!