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    Blank page - Adobe central 5.7

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      we are migrating the servers and output central server from 5.5 to 5.7. We've configured all the jobs and tasks similar to the current servers. we are facing the blank page issue in the new server which is using Adobe central server 5.7. We use dat file as well as xml file format as the trasaction file. It merges and prints the template correctly in the new server but it is printing one extra blank page at the end with only one character for ex,D or C or A in that page. We never face any such issues in the current servers. we dint change the dat file format.


      Current Server - Adobe central server 5.5

      New server - Adobe Central server 5.7


      Could you please help me to resolve this issue?  How to trace the root cause of this problem ?


      Thanks in Advance

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          Paul.Triffitt Level 1

          sounds like a default setting has changed from 5.5 t o5.7.


          I'd look in the current and previous versions of jfmerge.ini and see if any of the settings have changed for things like wrapping data (-afx).

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            I've compared the jfmerge.ini, jfserver.ini and jfserver.jmd in the new server with the current server and most of the properties looks similar. I've tried the below things but we end-up with the same blank page issue with one Character.


            1)  We've copied the jfserver.ini file from the current server ( central server 5.5) to the new server (central server 5.7 ) and imported the transaction file.

            2)  Compiled the templates in Output Designer 5.7 and imported the same into forms directory.

            3)  Used the command line program options to load the template during calling -q and -afx.


            We do stop and start adobe server for each change. Could you please tell me what are all the settings thats needs to be considered during the migration of Adobe Output Designer 5.5 to Adobe Output Designer 5.7 ?


            Its Urgent.. Thanks!!

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              Paul.Triffitt Level 1

              I would look at the release notes for 5.6 and 5.7 to see what is documented as changing between each version.

              The Print Agent reference manual supplied with Central lists all of the settings that apply to jfmerge, which is probably where the issue lies