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    Downloading and running files

      Hi there,

      I am wondering if I can develop a ac code to download file from my secure server and run the file into the local PC using Adobe AIR application with Flex. I have notice there is FileReference.download() method; however, this method displays the box to ask the user where to save the file. What i need to do is to download the file in specific location i would decide the location.

      Is there any way i can do this with Actionscript 3.0.

      thanks for your fast reply.

      Samer Issa
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          Due to security restrictions, you cannot download a complete file to a directory of your choice. The FileReference.download()/upload() does not allow the programmer to access the nativePath information, even if it is an AIR Application. It's pretty much all black box.

          The option you have is to download the file into binary data, then save the file from the data. This is a very tricky thing to do, but it is along the same idea as dragging and dropping a picture; you're able to save data from flex onto the local filesystem.