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    Signing multiple PDfs with Adobe esig




      I am trying to sign thousands of documents with my electronic signiture. They are scanned documents that I have verified are true and exact copies. The problem is that each document has a cover page with a signiture field and I must double click type password and fill in reason for every page. I am trying to Batch this right now using java script in the batch processing section.


      I saw online that there is a way to sign multiple documents using java but I am not sure if that is for Adobe acrobat 9 or not.


      I was experimenting with this



      Sign all documents


      Batch sequence name:Signature Sign All.sequ



      Task: Create an invisible signature on each of the selected files.


      Example 2.12


      Sign all documents



      /* Signature Sign All */

      // Choose handler

      var ppklite = security.getHandler("Adobe.PPKLite");

      // Login -- change as appropriate

      ppklite.login("dps017", "/C/Profiles/DPSmith.pfx");

      // Add a signature field with zero dimensions (invisible)

      var f = this.addField("Signature", "signature", 0, [0,0,0,0]);

      // Sign it and log out. Change as appropriate


      { password: "dps017",

      location: "San Jose, CA",

      reason: "I am approving this document",

      contactInfo: "dpsmith@mycompany.com",

      appearance: "DPSmith"});




      I tried filling in my information....  It gets stuck at the handler part. If someone could explain to me what things are generic here that I need to fill in with my info and where I may find that info. I know that // are comments, but some of this info is over my head. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me figure this out as it would save me countless hours of clicking and signing.








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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It can be made much simpler if you set up your signature to not require that you log-in. The entire script can then be reduced to just:


          addField("Signature", "signature", 0, [0,0,0,0]).signatureSign();


          To set it up so you don't have to log-in, open the Security Settings dialog, select "Digital ID Files" in the panel on the left, and click the "Password Timeout" button:




          Then select something other than "Always", such as Once per session or Never:




          You can change it back once you've added the signatures if you want.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Also, to get to the Security Setting dialog in Acrobat 9, select: Advanced > Security Settings

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              Cmillermicrocheck Level 1

              Okay that is very useful.


              I have a signiture field already on the first page of each document do I delete that?

              This will still use my name.pfx when signing?.

              Do I modify the zeros to place the signiture somewhere?

              I also still need to have the I am approving this document in there. Do I add this like before?




              I really appreciate this!

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                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                If you already have a signature field in place that you want to use, the code can be changed to:





                The other code automatically adds a signature field and since the width and height are zero, it is not visible on the page. If you want to provide a specific reason, just include it like the other code above shows:


                getField("your_signature_field_name").signatureSign({reason: "Your reason goes here."});