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    Questions: Hyperlink and Rollover

    LordDAZ Level 1

      Dear all,


      I use InDesign CS6 and i'm going to create a Interactive PDF file.


      I have two questions:


      1) I want to create some create buttons in all the pages of my document. I've created 3 small object on the Master page (one button for the "previous page one button for the "home" and one for the "next page")

      Now, if I try to exoport the document in an Interactive PDF i have an error massage that says "got to page" is not supportated" The only button that works is the button with the hyperlink to the home.


      Could someone of you explain me why??


      2) I would like to realyze a Rollover from a photo to a text. The idea ist that wehn I go with the mouse to the photo i can see a taxt. How can i do that?


      Thanks a lot!!