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    Mask problems - Flash IDE not usable anymore....

    Alesclandre Level 1



      I have problems with masks in Flash CS6 evrytime.

      I make a simple shape masked with another shape with a hole in it. I add a shape tween on the mask layer. And it simply doesn't work anymore.... I have to convert all images in keyframes in order to make it work. But when you have a lot of layers, that's just not possible... This is definitely not a "smart object".....


      Do you know what Adobe is **** doing with Flash Pro ? Is their will to definitely kill its IDE ?? There are a majority of people that has worked with Flash for years, used it for its ease of use in animation and drawing, and they are just simply adding and adding bugs to its interface, which was great years ago. How this can be ?? It is now practically impossible to use its IDE !!!

      So thanks Adobe for all the hard work made on AS3, but we, animators and illustrators, just don't care....


      If there are other people in my case, annoyed by their lack of good updates for Flash Pro, please let us (and Adobe) know !