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    How to generate PDF from template via REST query

    Eugene_OZ Level 1

      Hello. I'm newbie in Adobe LiveCycle, will appreciate any help.


      What we need: generate PDF from template, using different data.

      What we have: LiveCycle Designer and server with deployed Adobe LiveCycle ES 2.5 image.

      Looks like server works and listen 8080.

      In Livecycle Designer I can generate XML (XDP) from PDF, so I can change this XML in PHP/Python/Go script to fill template with data.


      I'm looking for some REST method, where I can give that XML (XDP) and recieve generated PDF in response.

      I've spent whole to for googling all these things, found a lot of docs, but all is very complicated there. Also, examples from just doesn't work - maybe I have to do something on server before calling REST API method.


      Please, push me into right direction