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    HowTo a Custom Replication Agent

    Paolo Tognola

      Hi all

      we face some requirements for which we are envisaging writing a custom replication agent.

      From the reqs it would be something similat to the oob "static replication agent", however our retention and auditing requirements go a bit beyond the capabilities of the oob agent (representation of what the vistor has been "seeing", zip the files, include audit infos, identities, timestamps and resources...)

      Also we have some specific integration cases with cq for which we require some static, file based representation of resources to be delivered to filesystems consumed by other applications/systems.


      Is there any documentation or implementation example on how to create a custom replication agent? basically on the line of the oob static replication agent? (unluckily i wasn't able to find any)

      Or does anyone a see a different approach?


      Many thanks for feedback and sorry for the quite "wide open" question


      My regards to everyone