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    NewB javaScript


      I have a mac with snow leopard

      Using Acrobat X

      Trying to self teach myself JavaScript for Acrobat X


      Got the book "PDF Forms Using Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer


      Following instructions to write a script:


      Went to Document JavaScripts

      Typed the name for the script 'viewerVersion; clicked the add butoon.  The JavaScript Editor opened.


      Started with function viewerVersion


      deleted as per instructions



      if (app.viewerVersion <7.5)


           var msg = "You must use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 7.5 or above to complete this form.";

           app.alert (msg) ;



      I click okay, but I get this message at the bottom of the page as well as line 4 highlighted:  SyntaxError:  missing ; before statement 3: at line 4


      What have I done incorrectly. 


      Thanks in advance