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    Enterprise version of the 'Full' Adobe Flash Player available?

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      On the following page, Adobe states that the 'full' flash player install is needed in order to view Flash content in PDF files, not just the ActiveX version.





      In the above article it states that "Enterprise Admins should download an installer suitable for distribution across their organization..."  Unfortunately when going to the Flash Player Redistributable page, it appears that one can download the ActiveX (IE) and/or the Plug-In (Other browsers), but we do not see a 'full' version available that it mentions is needed in the above article.  We are an IE shop, and have historically downloaded the ActiveX MSI and deployed via SCCM.  However, we have users that cannot open Flash content in PDF files and thus need the 'full' version.


      In the above article, there is a link to download and install Flash Player...


      That link points to the following, which is "install_flash_player.exe", which we have tested and appears to resolve the Flash content in PDF files issue our users are seeing.



      Is there an MSI available to Enterprise Admins for the 'full' version of Adobe Flash Player?


      We can find no reference in the Flash Player Admin guide to a 'full' version, but rather only to separate ActiveX and Plugin versions.