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    PrE 10 Export; 5 Qs

    the marketing guy Level 1

      So I guess we're supposed to use the"Share" function now, but I just want to be able to pick a file format and export it back to my hard drive. Like, an flv file-- how do I "share" that and get it on my computer? Some formats are apparently only available through "Upload to video sharing websites," and only work if you're connected to the Internet. I don't have an Internet connection on my home comoputer (strange but true), so I don't even have that option, but I would still like to have the file on my drive for, say, previewing and uploading later. Is that expecting too much? Sorry-- starting to rant. But (1) Is Export always grayed out? (2) Is ther no way to just export in PrE 10 without going through "Share"? (3) Is there an easy way to know what actual file format (extension) you're going to get when saving through "Share"? (4) Is ther a way to save the "Online" formats to your hard drive instead of uploading them straight to the web? (5) Is there a way to save in the uploadable "Online" formats with no Internet connection?