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    Use images to scroll up or down a frame

      I'm having a play with frames for the first time (I know, I know, where have I been?!!). I have a page that is split up into 3 frames:
      1 across top (non-scrollable)
      2 down left-hand side (scrollable)
      3 rest of page (non-scrollable)

      Frame 1 just contains a logo and some other links to other topics.
      The idea is that I click on image thumbnails in frame 2 and display content in frame 3.
      So far this works a treat and I feel very proud of myself, however I am upset by the appearance of an ugly scroll bar down the side of frame 2.
      What I would like to do is instead on displaying the scroll bar down frame 2, I'd like to insert an up arrow, and down arrow in frame 1, that will control the scroll of frame 2.
      Is this possible?
      So far I've searched the forums, RoboWizard -thanks for info that got me up and running with frames ;o), and Peter Grainges website but so far I haven't found any information about this.

      Does anyone have a grand idea? If so, I woudl be interested to hear about it.
      Thanks peeps!
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          lillibetUK Level 1
          By the way... I should have said that I'm currently using version X5.
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            ElisaFnord Level 2
            If frame 3 is non-scrollable, does this mean that your overall window size is fixed? Because if so, I have a cheater's workaround that doesn't involve scroll bars.

            The thumbnails are in a topic of their own, right? Let's call it nav.htm (for nav bar). If you figure out how many thumbnails fit in a visible screen, you can split up nav.htm into separate topics - nav1.htm, nav2.htm, nav3.htm - that are small enough that you don't need to scroll.

            Then you just put your up and down arrow pictures in and link to the previous and next nav topics - so nav1.htm has a down arrow -> nav2.htm, nav2.htm has both a down and up arrow linking to nav3 and nav1, etc. etc. etc.

            Yes, it's a kludge, and it loses a lot of flexibility (when you add or delete thumbnails in the middle of the list, you have to shift all the nav topics' content around), but it doesn't require Javascript!

            HTH (or at least sparks an idea or two),
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              Level 2
              Just to add a thought to Elisa's idea. BTW, I haven't tried this yet.

              Instead of separate topics, why not use bookmarks? You could have a non-scrolling frame but scroll the contents by linking to bookmarks in the topic rather than summoning new topics. This would make editing more manageable.

              I, personally, would go with the "ugly scrollbar" because it is what users expect to see when there is scrollable content but if you need the real estate this could work.
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                ElisaFnord Level 2
                Drat it, I knew there had to be an easier way!

                Thanks, John.

                And, Liz - I haven't tried this either! Looks like you're the guinea pig! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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                  lillibetUK Level 1

                  Thanks Elisa and John for your suggestions. I'll try both techniques later this week to see which one works best, and will report back with my findings. From your initial descriptions though, I see the bookmarks being the most workable solution. However, I foresee that I will need to tweak this slightly as I only want a certain piece of text or image to appear in frame 3 at any one time.

                  I'll let you know how it goes. ;o)