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    iOS Export Release Build hangs with FB4.7

    AirDoctrine2 Level 1

      I recently updated to FB4.7 running AIR 3.4 on my Macbook Air under Lion 10.7.5.


      My project contains a large number of embeded files and when debugging under FB4.6 I was often encountering Java Heap Errors and lots of out of memory errors. However, I was able to put up with those errors and still export working release builds.


      Under FB4.7 I am able to compile DEBUG builds now without the problems I was having under FB4.6. However, when I attempt to export an iOS release build using the IDE under FB4.7 the process always just hangs (at Packaging 0%) and never completes (even after waiting hours).


      If I create a small test project under FB4.7, I am able to export a release build successfully. So I believe my FB install is working.


      I've tried bumping up the xms and xmx settings in the Flash Builder 4.7.ini file to 2048m, but that has made no difference to the problem.


      I suspect that the large number of embeded files that I have in my project may be contributing to the problem. The embeded files are primarily all UI artwork as my app supports all the different iOS screen resolutions.

      Short of restructuring my entire project to remove all the embeded files (which I really do not want to do at this point) is there anything else that can be done to get FB4.7 to succesfully export an iOS release build?