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    Importing Illustrator vector art into Flash for animation

    kuhlart Level 1

      Hi, so I'm completely new to flash and still learning the basics, but I know Illustrator backwards and forwards. I'm working on a Flash game with an animator who has little experience with illustrator. I'd really like to make the art work in illustrator and import it to flash for the animation. I've done a few tests and found that (no surprise) special opacity effects like feathers don't translate, which is fine. The clipping masks seem to be intact but I'm not sure if they are a good idea or not... long story short: I need help organizing my .ai files to import into flash as symbols (i guess) that the animator will then rig with the bone tool or something...? I've been told that Flash uses layers and not groups, so i shouldn't group an element but rather place it on a new layer? I'm a little lost, so any help would be much appreciated.


      I'm using CS5 for both Illustrator and Flash on a Mac running on OSX Snow Leopard. I think the animator is on a PC.