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    Movie Footage skips after rendering in Premiere CS5 - 1080p Settings


      Hello All,


      I was working a short this week and I decided to render the film as a H.264 as 1080p 29.97 with most standard settings.  Except I changed the FR from 29.97 to 30FPS.  I did this because last time I needed to upload to vimeo I needed the 30FPS or it would not load. 


      The footage is 1080P 60i footage. 


      As a side note I normally use the preset for Youtube HD and change the FR to 30fps when exporting out of Premeire and have been happy until this past weekend.  After watching one of my films on my buddies 26" widescreen LCD I noticed a ton a artifacts in the film that do not show up on my 19" LCD.  So I was thinking the YT settings must compress the data alot.  So I wanted to render out at a better less compressed setting(at least that is what my brain is telling me)  Fast forward to yesterday I render out the short and it is 560MB and I am happy with that.  Quality looks good but I notice some of the audio lags at points and other points the video skips.  If I play the video again it skips and stumbles at the EXACT same parts.  I check the Sequence in Premeire and all looks fine.  I render again thinking I missed something and it behaves the same.  I render out as the YT HD Preset and it is about 110MB...and it plays fine.  But I ASSUME the artifacting will come back on bigger LCDs.


      H.264 1080p Present  renders at 19??x1080

      YTHD Preset 1280x720


      Just curious if anyone knows right off what I might be doing wrong.