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    Auto replace text.




      I'm new working with Lifecycle and I'm trying to create a form where the client select a color from a drop down menu and a text on a filed will change.

      This is a example of what I'm trying to do.




      My script is working fine to change the first field but the problem comes when the client add a second or more fields, the dropdaown menu is not changing the text on the new fields.


      This is the code that I'm using.


      var oldText = form.testPage.beltsOrder.regBelts.styleInfo.beltInfo.rawValue;

      var newText = oldText.replace("[belt color]", this.rawValue);

      form.testPage.beltsOrder.regBelts.styleInfo.beltInfo.rawValue = newText;


      I tried many differen ways without any luck, please I'll appreciate any help.


      Thank you.