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    Loading External SWF

      Hello. I'm building a full flash site loading external SWFs with the content. One of these swfs is the portfolio.swf containing thumbs of the projects and a mc_image holder which loads external swf for each of the big images. When testing the portfolio.swf it works perfect calling the external swfs with the images, but when I play the main swf it calls the external portfolio.swf but no images appear.

      It's like the portfolio.swf stops working and doesn't call the external images when playing the whole project.

      Can anyone help?
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          Check if you have references to _root in the external SWF.

          If SWF B which has a reference to _root, it will work fine on its own. But if SWF B is loaded into an mc or level in SWF A, SWF B's references to _root point to _root on SWF A, not SWF B.

          In SWF B (the external SWF), change your path references to relative (i.e. "this._parent") so they don't use _root, or put this._lockroot = true; on the main timeline of SWF B.
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            juanddiaz Level 1
            Thanks it finally works. But there is one problem. The whole site works locally on my machine. But when I upload to the server only the portfolio.swf works. The other links stop working. I used the this._lockroot = true; on my porftfolio.swf.

            Do I need to put that line on my SWF A so it works?
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              joeflashTO Level 1
              Check that you copied over all the files to the server in the exact same directory structure that you had them on your local machine. Also check that you're not accidentally referring to file:// paths to access your external content.