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    How do I use one set of XML data and populate multiple layouts with it?

    Josh At

      I have an XML document with root element BOOK.  Inside BOOK are PAGEs.  (I also have each PAGE as it's own XML file, so that I can update each PAGE individually.)


      I have a print layout of 6"x9" and I want to create an iPad layout (H & V).


      When I create the V layout, I have the 6x9 master set to "scale" in liquid layouts and it works great.  But in my XML structure, everything gets duplicated.  Now there are two sets of data.  When I create the H layout, now I have three sets of data.


      So then I tried deleting everything in my iPad masters and setting them to be based on my print masters, but the content isn't scaling.


      Let me know if you have questions, because I'm not sure where I might need to clarify.  Thanks in advance!