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    File System issues in Flash Builder 4.7


      We recently upgraded from Flash Builder 4.0 (and in one case, Flash Builder 4.5) to Flash Builder 4.7. We are using Team Foundation Server for collaboration. We've been having a number of issues, mostly with our file system:


      After downloading a library from TFS, this library will sometimes disappear after downloading another library from TFS.


      Also, after removing an association to a library, that library may disappear.


      When adding additional libraries to source paths, we often find that the library is not acknowledged (errors when trying to use a member of that package)


      After fixing some compiler errors reported in the source code, the Problems window does not always reflect this.


      The compiler error icons in the left column do not always match the line of code it is next to.


      Any experience or resolutions for these issues would be much appreciated.