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    How to link CS5 file to another file


      I've done a 12-page newsletter - complete with loads of images etc - using Indesign CS5 with links created by the TOC (Table of Contents) to each of the articles within the newsletter which will be a PDF.


      I have been advised that even as a PDF, the document will be far too costly to download on mobile devices/smartphones etc and that in order to circulate it to our mailing list, I need to produce a separate one-page Indesign CS5 file with links to the articles in my original piece of work. 


      What I now want to do is create a separate file for the front page linking to the main document which will be on our website but having spent the past two days attempting to figure out how to do this myself and trawling through my books and around the internet, I'm none the wiser.


      I'd greatly appreciate advice/guidance on the simplest and easiest way to do this with a complete idiot's guide on the steps needed to do so.


      Many thanks