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    Stop motion editing/settings?

    Mike1360 Level 1

      Hi all, i'm trying to run together a stop motion video using Premiere Pro cs6. I've tried looking on YouTube and everything but either the pictures last a second each, or they go way to fast or just didn't work. Here's my project:


      I've recorded some music, now i go and shoot a video in front of a greenscreen. I edit the video in premiere, key out the green in after effects, then export that. Go back to premiere and i export images for 12 frames every second. So now i got the images, after photoshopping them to black and white with a half tone, i'll be printing out each frame and taking photos of them in different places.


      The photos of the papers with a different frame on them are what i want to be playing back in stop motion. So it looks like i'm moving on the paper but the background keeps changing. I can't figure out how to control the rate of frames it is played? Since i exported in 12 frames per second do i play back at 12 frames per second or what? If you could let me know the settings from the second i open premiere to the end that could efect this, please let me know.


      Thanks for your time!