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    Error 1904.Modle in the install of flash paper 2


      Hi, My system is windows vista64bit  with the latest service pak and my system is free from malware, viruses and any other stuff as i maintane it well.Today as I was installing flash paper there was an error (see below#1) and the install stopped  When i clik on the program icon to execute it i get an other error (see below also #2) something to do with the printer (my printer is a canon ip4200) works well daily.


      If you can help me it would be apreceated


      John Horsfall


      image 1





      Image 2




      Thank you for your time, Have a good day

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          Rave Adobe Employee

          Flash paper is not compatible with Vista and Intel based Macs.


          Please refer : http://helpx.adobe.com/contribute/kb/flashpaper-compatible-microsoft-vista-intel.html


          However you might want to try  register the .ocx file  manually by going to the command line- You will need to unregister the ocx prior to registering it again

          From the command line browse to the path c:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\

          and type in regsvr32 Flash.ocx

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            Don't believe anyone who tells you "Flash paper is not compatible with Vista...."  That simply isn't true.  I use Flash Paper regularly on my Vista machine, without issue.  I will repost what I wrote here http://forums.adobe.com/message/5106132#5106132.


            After spending several hours pulling my hair out trying to get Flash Paper 2 installed (on Vista Home Premium), I finally got it working perfectly. Here's what I did, and it’s so simple. After attempting to install Flash Paper 2, do not uninstall or remove it. Instead:


            1. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash
            2. Locate the file “Flash32_11_6_602_180.ocx” (your filename may vary slightly from that, but it will be about 14,266 KB) and right-click on it, and select “copy”.
            3. Now right-click in a clear area in the same folder and select “paste.”
            4. Now rename the newly created file from “Flash32_11_6_602_180.ocx – copy” to “Flash.ocx”. (You may first have to rename an already existing “Flash.ocx” file to “Flash.ocx.old”. You can actually delete it, too. You’ll notice that it’s much smaller in size than your newly created one.)
            5. Open a Command Prompt in Administrator mode at this folder (hold down the left shift key, and press your right mouse button, and select "Open Command Window Here"), and type the following: “Regsvr32 flash.ocx” without the quotation marks. It should indicate that it has been successfully registered.
            6. Now go back to the original install file, and run that again (in Administrator mode).
            7. When it gives you the option, choose “Repair.” Now that the proper file has been registered, it will finish the install properly without hanging up at the very end on the registry part.
            8. When you try running Flash Paper, it may tell you you’re missing the Paper printer. That’s simply a printer driver (much like a pdf printer driver). You can find it online. It’s called “FlashPaperDriverInstall2.exe”. Run that to install the driver, and you’ll be all done!