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    Opening A Premiere Pro CS6 Project in Premiere Pro CS 5.5


      I downloaded Premiere Pro CS 6. I already have Premiere Pro CS 5.5 on my computer. I had read you can open up a CS 6 Project in CS 5.5 by doing the following:


      1) Saving your project file on your Hard Drive

      2) Copy it just for back up

      3) Right Click (Control Click) on the original Project File and open it up in Text Edit.

      4) On the fourth row Change Version "25" to Version "24"

      5) Save it.



      I opened up Premiere Pro 5.5 and went to File (that I just changed to open in Premiere CS 5.5) - Open Project - and I then clicked on that file. It started to open up. When Premiere 5.5 was open this dialog box came up:Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 6.24.47 PM.png

      I clicked OK and everything opened up in 5.5 fine. It worked great. You can open up a CS6 project in Premiere 5.5.


      What does this box mean? I installed CS 6 as is. I did not add any third party files or transitions or filters.


      Thanks in Advance