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    What should I buy to use FormsCentral? Acrobat or subscribe to formscentral online?


      I work as part of a medical business/research group and would like to utilize FormsCentral for one of our studies.  I am trying to figure out the most economical way to achieve this.

      I understand I can subscribe online to forms central, either Annual fee or 30 day trial then monthly.  Is there an option to purchase the program software and have a disc on hand?  Or is all via the web?  What is Adobe Acrobat Pro? Is that my software option?  It seems this includes FormsCentral?  Is that correct? Does it have all features of formscentral?  What else does acrobat offer? … perhaps best to buy the software rather than to subscribe if I think we can use this program again in future. 

      Looking for advice on how to go forward, and also on pricing.  Would ideally like to have a situation where many people within our research group can utilize this program once purchased for various studies over time.  If it helps we are associated with a medical school and residency program so perhaps would qualify for educational and/or business discounts.

      Appreciate any clarity/insight you can offer.