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    Spark textInput, I'm baffled

    John Hall Level 4

      It's been a couple years since I've had a problem with Flex/AIR. Now I've run out of ideas. I have a spark:TextInput within a component that is shown, inside another component, and all else works withing the component that is shown. However, the textinput field displays no text when I type. It gets the focus, there's no restrict on the textInput field and there are no keyStroke traps in the component. I'm totally baffled. Anyone run into this and have suggestions? Obviously something I'm overlooking that I've done, since hundreds of other textInput fields in the application work fine. I've tried turning editable on and enabled on. No difference regardless of the combinations.


      Oh, here's the complicated script:


      <s:TextInput id = "reportTitle"

                                                    y = "18"

                                                    left = "119"

                                                    right = "27"

                                                    color = "#000000"

                                                    prompt = "Title for HTML Report" />