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    Reliable Bitrate Calculator anybody?

    Pijetro Level 1

      Okay, so i've always used a bitrate calculator to take my projects out to full disc.

      Never a problem with Mpeg2 DVD bitrates.


      Somehow, when i export .h264 from AME, Encore balloons the project size by about 15%..

      Whether Encore pads the information, or whether AME isn't correctly encoding to size,  bitrate calculator isn't adding up.


      I'm using the DVD-HQ bitrate calculator, and am afraid that something in either Encore, AME, or the calculator isn't correct.


      I've had similair issues before, within Encore. But that was because an outside MPG (not encoded in AME) was probably giving Encore wrong header information.

      15 gigs of Assets ended up as 30 gigs in the build..

      But that is water under the bridge..


      Any help would be great.

      CS4, Master Collection.