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    Unsatisfactory Known Font Corruption Issue Resolution


      I've had this very strange phenomenon occurring in a PSD I've been working on for a long while. I go to edit text and it randomly appears as text from another layer in the document. I tried a bunch of font workarounds, tested the fonts elsewhere, made sure everything was copacetic that way, and then finally found this article:




      In the article it tells me I have to recreate my PSD, using only "raster layers", and discarding ALL text and Vector shape layers. I don't know about you guys (and gals), probably 90% of my PSDs are built using type and vector layers these days. There's some raster elements, they pale by comparison to the vector stuff though.


      So, I'm writing to find out if there's any better a resolution in the works? Adobe? Help? My PSD is for a web site with 8 sections. Each section has between 10-30 layers, most of which are text and vector content. Plus the navigation, all of which is text, and there are three states for each built in layers, so 24 layers of navigation states alone. I mean, the document has hundreds of hours into it at this point probably and you're telling me the solution is to recreate it is, well, stunning.


      I hope this isn't the case, or if anyone reading this has had any success with this issue, PLEASE let me know.





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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          The problem is a corrupt file, not much can be done to save these once it happens.


          Think of it like a spreading disease. The vector information in the file has been exposed and may be contaminated, so it must all be quarantined. The Raster information is immune, so is safe to trasfer to a new file. The fact is, some of the vector information may be perfectly safe and not yet sick. But just because a vector layer isn't showing symptoms doesn't mean it isn't infected. If you try to move these layers to a new file, it is likely that they will corrupt the new file as well, thus doubling up your loses.

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            iamthelovejoy Level 1

            Thanks Brett. I take your point. Is there anything I can do to safeguard against this for the future? Is there any information being found about the cause? Are lots of people having this issue? At this point anything you tell me will simply make me feel better. I understand I'll need to rebuild the file.


            Thanks for the response,



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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              The safeguard against this particular issue is to keep Photoshop up to date. This was caused by a bug in the application that we were able to catch and repair. Unfortunately, files already infected are not saved by working with it in the updated application unfortunately.