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    Objects have shifted after re-opening file

    Wonderful Union

      I'm an avid FW user and literally spend 8 hours a day in the app.

      However, I felt it was time I posted this question to the forum to see if anyone else has this issue and if there is a fix I'm just not aware of.


      When I close a document and re-open it sometime later, some of the objects have become blurry and seem to have shifted to a sub-pixel?

      I didn't do anything other than close and reopen the document.


      Sometimes this occurs simply by saving the document while I am working in it.


      Any info would be greatly helpful. Or at least to know I'm not alone.

      I feel like this has been an issue for many years.


      The frustration recently has come as I handoff files to developers who are opening up the file that was fine when I saved it.

      Now has a blurry box that they are thinking for some reason should be blurry and aren't aware that this bug had occured.