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    please help me


      I have a problem to get adobe flash player on my computer....Problem is I use to have mcafee before I took my laptop to be clean out from computer trends company..Turns out that I got burned because I paid so much money...It cost me $145.59...Now my problem is I no longer have my regular settings on my computer...So now I have been trying to download adobe flash player for my laptop..The laptop keep blocking me out from my download..I dont have no access sinnce the problem started from taking it out from computer trends company...Truth before I took my laptop to computer trends My laptop worked just fine with adobe flash player ,I use to play games on facebook....And I cant any more...Is there any way to get my settings back to normal they it use to be...I would get frusterated why would this happen...Yes I felt ripp off...Question is how can I get flash player going again....The person deleted my setting and put on strange settings that dont even work onto my laptop...I hope there is some way to get help for this matter...If not than Im gonna have to buy a brand new laptop...