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    SCORM Compliance

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      I am in the process of building eLearning courses in Flex. Does anybody out there know if Flex Builder 2 has any type of built-in support for SCORM? If not, are there any plug-ins or anything of the sort to aid in this? Also, what about Flex Builder 3 SCORM support?
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          I believe that SCORM applies to HTML. When you read the SCORM spec, this becomes apparent - to me anyway.
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            the steps and process are similar to building custom SCORM content (i.e. not those bumdled interactive learning objects) in Flash. Generally there are 2 steps: (1) either you write the javascript or get a wrapper from some sources. These Javascript functions would serve as the middle-man between the SCORM-compliant LMS and yr Flash content via the set of SCORM standard api. (2) Call the respective JS functions in AS3 (Flex or Flash). For example, you want to track progress of yr learner, call the respective JS functions to send the data via the SCORM api to the LMS.