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    Unable to export to MPEG2-DVD! Very weird situation .. Please Help!

    davedwyervideo Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I've been using Pro for years.


      Currently using CS6 - a fresh install from the cloud as of a couple days ago.


      So, I have a project ready for DVD.


      File / Export Media .. this brings up the Export Settings.


      I choose MPEG2-DVD as the Format with Match Source Attributes as the Preset, then hit Queue.


      Normally, this would queue the export in Adobe Media Encoder as .m2v but for some unexplicable reason - this isn't occuring.


      Instead, Adobe Media Encoder drops the MPEG2-DVD format and replaces with the AAC Audio format!?


      What the?




      Am I losing the plot? Have I missed something?


      File / Export Media / Format MPEG2-DVD = .aac file (only) in Adobe Media Encoder??