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    How to add shooting date to clips automatically?




      I'm using Premiere Elements 11 on Mac.


      I make little home movie projects couple of times a year, consisting of everyday life of our family and especially of my son. I shoot clips with my smartphone and video camera. When I have enough clips, I just take them all to storyline (starting from the oldest one) and basically all I want to do is to add shooting dates (dd.mm.yy) to the bottom righ corner of the final film. How do I add shooting date automatically on each clip according to actual shooting date? Shooting date is stored in both the filename of a clip and inside each file (creation date).


      Right now it is quite painful to add dates to clips by hand, although I add new date only when shooting date changes. I may have 1 to 10 clips/one day. (No, I don't record every sigle day of our life, but I might record some occasions every week which I eventually want to combine together as easily as possible with minimum efforts)


      All tips and tricks are appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no way to do this within the program.


          Some people have been able to do this using a program call DV Date. However, I'm not sure this program is available for the Mac.


          Here is its download page.


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            JuhaR76 Level 1

            Thank you Steve for you quick and prompt reply, although it is sad that such a basic functionality is missing. It would save lots of time at least for me. It seems that DV Date is not available for Mac's.


            I have just started using Premiere Elements 11 and after I had written over twenty dates by hand, I suddenly discovered that all of them had changed to one, i.e. to the latest date I've used. My workflow is that once I make the first date and adjust its length, font, size, etc., I copy it over the next preferred clip and only retype the date. Then again, copy, change date and so on. This process started well, but eventually all the dates were exactly same. What happened? That surprising problem was the main reason why I asked the first question as I don't want it to happen again. Any clue to this?





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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              all the dates were exactly same

              That is what copy/paste does.

              For each date you need to make a new text box.

              You can set up a keyboard shortcut to quickly acces the new textbox.

              I have default text set to F9. (text > new text > default text)

              Set the playhead and hit F9. And voila textbox appears and type away.

              You can also set up your text in advanced say in Word.

              Then all you have to do is copy/paste from Word into the titler.


              For burnt in metadata you may want to look at this;


              It only runs on windows but under Rendering there is an explanation/option for running on a mac.

              Download the trail and give it a spin.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                For the Titles, that you are using (basically a variation on Lower-Third Titles), you will want to use the Duplicate function, to create new Titles, based on the "master Title," that you created. Otherwise, you will only have Instances of that Title, and any change to any of those Instances WILL alter them all.


                See this article for more background on Titles in Premiere: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1131177?tstart=0


                As for an automatic Date/Time utility for the Mac, unfortunately I cannot help, being a PC-only guy - sorry.


                Good luck,