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    Live Preview and Publish scaling issue for custom component that extends movieClip

    Charles Parcell Level 1
      uggggh!! I am really at my wits end. I am not a component developer and this really driving me nuts!!

      I have struggled with this
      hobbie project for well over 6 months and seem to be getting no
      where!!! I ahve read countless numbers of articles, documentation, etc.
      and seem to be even more confused than when I started.

      I believe that my biggest problem is that I have spent so much time on
      this issue, and have read so many different posts, articals, etc. that
      I am not sure that is factual and what is not. I think I have even
      gotten confused on how basic functions actually work. ugh!!!

      Could someone look over this code and tell be all the dumb crap I have
      done and how I can fix it. Here is a list of the issues I am having and
      can not seem to correct.

      1) Live preview of the component scales correctly the very first time
      you scale it. All other times it seems to be using the original
      component size and adjusting it by the delta value of the scaling.

      2) My text area during live preview 99% of the time does not appear.

      3) When I Publish, the text within the component scales rather than
      being the font size I indicate even though I am using autoSize.

      4) A problem that occurs some times is that the Published version of
      the component will be way way bigger than what live preview shows me.

      So, please please please. Take a look at this class I have built and
      tell me all the dumb things I have done. The one things that I ask is
      that this component continue to extend movieClip.

      Many thanks!!!!