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    Horizontal lines in footage


      I am having trouble with importing .mts footage into premiere. I shot several clips on 3 Sony HXR-NX5U cameras. I imported the footage using the Sony Content Management software. When I brought it into CS6 I dropped the clips to the new item icon to let Premiere set the sequence settings. I have two clips that have some clear horizontal interference lines that seem to scan down through the footage. It doesn't seem to follow the same pattern everytime. I don't notice it when I play the original file from the memory card. I tried starting a new project, I tried exporting the file as a .mp4 to see if it is in the final version (it is). I tried coping the file right from the card bypassing the Content management software. I also tried converting the original file to .mp4 before bringing it into premiere and nothing seems to fix the issue. The two clips I am having issues with came from two different cameras so I think I can eliminate the camera being the issue. I also used all three cameras for a shoot earlier in the day and editited that footage with no problems.  I also tried in field options - flicker removal and also tried always deinterlace but I can't seem to eliminate this issue.