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    Bridge CS6

    matdg Level 1

      I have lost the thumbnails in bridge how do I get them back

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          Omke Oudeman Level 5

          I have lost the thumbnails in bridge how do I get them back


          That is very less info to guess from.


          Can you provide more details about OS, and exact version of Bridge.


          Was it working before and did it happen suddenly.

          Basically Bridge is a browser and it shows the contents of the folder you have pointed it to. Check on your computer if there are still files on the folder that does not show thumbnails.



          Can you provide a screenshot of what you are looking at to give us a better insight

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            matdg Level 1

            I have an mac os x version 10.7.5 I work with photoshop CS6 and Bridge to manage my images. I was told to purge the cache as there was a problem, this I did and the next time I opened bridge the same warning came up again and I purges the cache again all my images dissapeared of bridge this was about 3 weeks ago some came back then when i asked to look in another external hard drive for images I am just getting building criteria.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              If you do not see thumbnails what do you see?  Have you looked in View and made sure Thumbnals are selected?

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                matdg Level 1

                I have tried to give a screen shot but it will not upload I see nothing in the content box. I have the view as thumbnails ticked, the filter box has Building criteria visable and I have chosen the folder I want it to view there are images in the folder as I have had to open them direct through photoshop. the little wheel is turning in the bottom left hand corner. If I try to change folders everything freezes.

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  Run the Apple Utility disk and permission repair.  See if that helps. 


                  Did you try to reset the preferences?  Hold down Option key and start Bridge.  You should get a reset window with 3 options .   Choose all 3.


                  You can upload a screen shot by clicking on the camera icon in the reply box.

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                    matdg Level 1

                    Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 14.40.17 2.pngDo you mean the origanal disc that downdoaded the programe?

                    I will try the reset first

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                      Omke Oudeman Level 5

                      I will try the reset first


                      If that does not fix it try this:


                      Quit Bridge and go to your user library (by default hidden per OSX10.7 - use menu Go and press option to reveal the library)


                      Inhere choose Caches / Adobe / Bridge CS6. In this folder are 2 items. a plug in cache and a folder called cache. Drag both items manual outside the library, preferable in the trash.


                      Then in the same user library go to the preferences folder and find and delete the plist file called : "com.adobe.bridge5.plist"


                      All deleted files will replace themselves with new and fresh files once restarted Bridge.

                      Hod down option key while restarting and (again) reset the preferences (only preferences is enough).


                      Then try again. All has been set to factory default but custom workspaces and keyword list etc should be available. Custom workspaces probably need to be reset and your custom preferences have also gone to default, so you have to change them again to default wishes.


                      And the cache needs to rebuild itself, this takes some time

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                        matdg Level 1

                        This has worked thank you very much for your understanding and help.