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    Cloud AE CS6 doesn't work on second machine


      Hi Guys,


      i've subscribed to Creative Cloud on Friday, 22th Feb. Since then I got problems to run AE CS 6 on my second computer.

      Every time I try to start AE only Render Engine opens up even when I deactivate AE on the first machine.

      Customer Support told me that there is a technical problem with AE. I've talked to them many times about this issues but no one could help me so far.

      I had a full version of CS 5.5. installed before CS6 and it worked on both computers without any problems. CS 5.5 is deactivated on both machines but AE CS6 still opens only in Render Engine mode on the second one.

      Please help else I have to unsubscribe from Adobe Cloud and buy the Update from CS 5.5 to CS 6.